hi there,

I'm malorie.

I’m a thirty-something single mom of two daughters. I’m what some would consider a “worst-case scenario” single mom. Meaning I have my children 100% and I’ve done it all alone, without any help. I’ve been through it all and fought to overcome the darkness more times than I can count. Assuming you’re a single mom too, you know exactly what I mean. Eventually, I learned enough lessons to figure out how to “thrive” as a single Mother, instead of just survive.
I’ve always said the best part of my story is that no one knows it. Until now. Now is my time to share my story with you. The lessons learned, failures, successes, thoughts, warnings and encouragements. I truly believe in pain for a purpose. Every day I struggled for my kids made me stronger. Every hurdle I overcame made me wiser. It all happened on purpose, so I could share it with YOU. In this, I found my purpose and Lone Mother was born.

Lone Mother is a term, brand, blog, and community. Lone Mother is for, by, and in support of single moms. Because our marital status shouldn’t define us, but our strength does.

Here, I’ll share my stories. On social media, we’ll create a community that we can’t find anywhere else. In the shop, you’ll find items you can wear with pride. Because you should be proud! Lone Mother was created for US and I’m just here to be your advocate. I can’t wait to see this grow. I can’t wait to watch all the Lone Mothers thrive because of it!

with love,

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